LOOK Clothing where can i buy some?

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i`ve been after some LOOK cycle clothing but apart from viewing it on the look website i can`t find anyone that stocks it in the uk. can any body help as i need what looks like some quality gear to complete my LOOK look !


  • Monty Dog
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    Try Fisher Outdoor, Look's UK distributor or an online dealer
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  • kerz
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    tried fisher , nothing at all in clothing. have tried a lot of online stores that stock look bikes and components but no clothes. i`m beginning to think they can only be bought direct from look which appears tricky as their website isn`t too easy to use or even find out what the items cost.
  • LangerDan
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    Cyclesuperstore in Dublin have some clothing and sell online:

    http://www.cyclesuperstore.ie/shop/pc/s ... IDBrand=22
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  • morrisje
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    The one I've used before in France seems to have gone out of business.http://www.laboutiquelook.com/

    However this US site has the full selection
  • try ebay.fr they seem to have loads of look merch
  • kerz
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    thanks for the info. i find it very odd that a company of looks stature that sells a lot of bikes in the uk has a range of clothing which isn`t for sale from a uk stockist. they must be missing out on a lot of business !
  • You'd be suprised - Theyre not mussing out on that much business.
    Think how many people in the UK have a Look. Now think of all those people, who are particularly fond of one brand of clothing - Think Assos/Santini/Castelli. How many of those people are going to want to get some kit tht they can ONLY wear with their 1 Look bike?
    The other thing you have to think about is that Fishers have Santini and would be splitting their interests to distribute 2 or 3 brands of premium level clothing.

    Gematkinson1 is right though - Look being french are big in france (funny that init) and she's right in saying its all over ebay.fr Good Spot G.A.! :)