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`Beyond today I'm not going to tell you how clean I am.`

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Will Lance Armstrong recycle blacklist, be open to media?

Saturday, September 27th 2008

Three weeks ago, when Lance Armstrong announced that he would be "completely transparent and open with the press" during the Tour de France comeback he is attempting next year, a wave of skeptical laughter rippled through the cycling world.

What does Lance Armstrong know about transparency? His team, after all, reportedly snapped photos of journalists to build a digital "blacklist" as part of an ongoing war with anyone sniffing out evidence of doping on the team.

...Vaughters, a former teammate of Armstrong's, has been widely praised for building a team that takes a hard-line on doping in an attempt to guarantee that its fans and sponsors aren't getting hoodwinked like so many were in the last 20 years.

Garmin-Chipotle's riders, who have thrived on the professional circuit, lose some dignity riding for a team with this philosophy. In addition to the puncture wounds from numerous needles, they had journalists staying in their hotels and riding on their bus - literally coming behind the tinted windows.

The tradeoff for all this poking and prodding is a level of drug-free certification that is rare in sports these days. Armstrong will probably never achieve that kind of validation, even if he is an open book in the coming season.

If this week is any indication, he won't be. In a news conference on Wednesday at the Clinton Global Initiative, Armstrong said he was done talking about drugs.

"I've made myself completely available not just to Don but to everybody," Armstrong claimed, before laying down the law for journalists. "I'm going to talk about it today. Beyond today I'm not going to tell you how clean I am." ... tml?page=0

The obscuration begins...


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    and I'm not going to tell you how completely and utterly boring these threads are..........
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    And in the context of the transcript:

    "In my opinion, and in my view, you have a sporting event like the Tour de France and you have the rules that are laid out. If people cross the line you send them home and you keep moving down the road. If you don’t sit around and cry and you don’t say we’re going backwards 20 steps, we don’t say the sport is finished, we don’t say it’s going to die, you keep moving.

    If they cross the line, they break the rules, they go home, we go forward. I think that is the fairest thing we can do for the riders, I think it’s the fairest thing you can do for the fans. It’s not a good thing, but I think ultimately, for the longevity of the sport and the health of the sport, you must move on.

    And so we feel like this program, and Don can speak to it better than I can, but I think this will be the most advanced anti-doping program in the world, beyond anything else. I am going to talk about it today, beyond today, I am not going to tell you how clean I am, and I am not going to insinuate how dirty the others are, I am going to ride my bike, I am going to spread this message around the world, and Don Catlin can tell you if I’m clean or not. So I think that, too, is slightly detrimental. I don’t even know where to go. Arm-wrestle it." ... Edited.pdf
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    cheesy quaver
  • Thank You. I have struggled to sleep for a few days, now I can just think of this thread, and think how terrible it will be to have him back.

    Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz indeed
  • I quite like these threads on LA.
    It just goes to show how sceptical people are about him and cycling in general, which is a good thing rather than the head-in-the-sand approach that some naive people have.
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