Paris -Tours live next Sun

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A good 2 hrs worth as well........

great but i wish they would give two hours of Roubaix and Liege etc as well.

Gasping - but somehow still alive !


  • wicked
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    Must be no football, motogp, tennis, superbike , volleyball, tiddlywinks etc etc that day then!
    It’s the most beautiful sport in the world but it’s governed by ***ts who have turned it into a crock of ****.
  • I'm in France and it's on with JaJa and co!!!!

    Woo hoo!

    Problem is I don;t have a telly and I'm here for another 6 months!!!
  • Good stuff, will look forward to watching that while hungover.

    Hopefully the coverage of the Spring Classics will be better next year,
    or am I being naively optimistic?