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marcelinomarcelino Posts: 46
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Hi. I've searched around to have a look for a decent insurance for bike and was wondering if anyone can recommend a good policy, e.g. are there any things I should definately have on the policy, such as 3rd party (which would be a must for me).


  • And also is the Evans insurance exactly the same as the Cycleguard policy? (but cheaper)
  • how much is it worth and what are you going to use it for?

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  • John C.John C. Posts: 2,113
    If you have house contents insurance , you probably already have theft and Third party cover.

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  • I have house insurance through M&S but Axa apparently do similar.
    I have two biked insured for £5k and three up to £5k, you only have to name the £5k bikes.
    It added about £60 to my premium but I saved that with the plumbing and electic cover I cancelled that was also with this policy.
  • Bike is worth £1350rrp and used for fun/leisure rides with mates at the moment but want to build up to riding sportives next year. I feel that my bike is quite secure at home, touch wood, and so am more concerned about accident cover etc and having an insurer to persue motorists etc if an accident were to occur.

    I was recently knocked off my bike by someone turning left across a cycle lane, and although they've agreed to cough up for the damage, the fact I had no witness made me think how easy it could have been for them to stick 2 fingers up at me and leave me at the mercy of having to slug things out through the small claims court. They were very agressive, and although they have payed for some damage, they would not pay for it all - accusing me of 'trying it on'.

    So far, in 15+ years cycling (as an adult), I've never caused damage to others but am aware that it is always best to have 3rd party as well.

    Have been looking at E&L
  • coffeecupcoffeecup Posts: 128
    contents insurance and liability insurance are totally different.

    If you're worried about crashing into people or heavy things crashing into you I'd recommend everydaycycling insurance. I commute to work in heavy traffic and it gives me a bit of piece of mind for £2 a month.

    I doesn't cover your bike getting nicked though. You'll need your contents for that. Check your policy covers bikes (a lot don't, particularly if it's £1300)
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  • I had a crash this week and wish I had thought to insure my bike separately....My home insurer will only cover the bike if it is stolen or damaged on my property. I didn't take out the optional legal cover (as it seemed to be a rip-off at the time) which would have let them pursue insurance my recent bike crash. I have had to instruct a separate solicitor to chase the drivers insurance on my behalf....They admitted liability at the scene and to the Police!... If/when I get a new bike I will be getting it insured separately.
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