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Got Wood! Shed storage advice pls.

amcamc Posts: 315
edited September 2008 in Workshop
I've just put up a new shed in my side return (8 by 3feet with lockable centre doors) and am about to fill it up with bikes and bits but i could do with some storage advice.

I've got two bikes to lock up so i was thinking about getting a Shed Shackle and a chain to attach bikes to. I've heard good reports about these but would appreciate any comments (the shed has a wooden floor so a ground anchor is out).

Likewise i have four wheels that i'd like to hang up in the shed - Any recommendations on a space saving was of hanging these up?

Also i've got a turbo, various tools and oils etc - turbo on floor and build some shelves for the tools etc. Are there are recommended shelf units that would to the trick?

Finally, what about clothes? Ideally i'd like to put my kit etc in there - but would they get damp? Are there are sealable box type things out there?

All help, suggestions much appreciated.
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