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Where to look for some races?

PaulTBPaulTB Posts: 9
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As usually - sorry for my english at first.
The 2009 season is going to be my first serious cycling season in the UK, therefore I have some questions and I'm asking you for a help.
Currently I'm at the point of choosing some goals for the forthcoming season (that means just beginning ;P), and I was slightly confused after searching google for "cycling events", "events calendar", "bicycle races" and so on... I can't find anything besides some organised rides like BFH London to Brighton etc. Where can I look for it? I mean some more "serious" races allowing amateurs (without license) to take part.
It can be both road and off-road (xc, marathons) races. Hopefully I'll finish building my off-road racing machine until beginning of racing season.
Is there any other series of marathons besides Merida-MTB?
This is very important to me as I need to know what do I have to prepare myself for, and how to train.
I realise, that such events will be announced after couple of months, but I couldn't find even '08 season's events (just mentioned Merida MTB Marathon series).

By the way - is it worth taking part in London to Brighton ride? I live exactly in beetween, so it's very close. Is there usually some racing, or just families and tourists?

Thank you in advance.


  • Monty DogMonty Dog Posts: 20,614
    Welcome to the board. Just to clarify, virtually all organised races are for amateurs, but in most cases you still need a license to 'race'. Most racing in the UK - whether road or MTB is under the governance of British Cycling so suggest you look there first. Not racing per se but sometimes quite competivie are Sportives - depending on whether you're riding to get round or to be first. These don't need a license, just the payment of an entry fee. London-Brighton is really a leisure ride.
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..
  • Thanks a lot! Now I know where can I seek ;).
  • Giro Sardegna -

    Forget all the fake fondos appearing in the UK at the moment, THIS is the event you should be training for. After this the Etape du Tour will be no problem, seeing as it is 3 months later.

    Where else could you do a 6 man team time trial, solo time trial , mountain and sprint stages, all within an amateur level set up ((OK, well some Italian semi-pro fondo teams will be there, using it as training...). ?

    I've done the last 3 editions - I love it.
  • BronzieBronzie Posts: 4,927
    Here's the link to British Cycling's event calendar: ... future.asp
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