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Euro BB help Shimano Saint

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hi all ,
Im thinking of getting a dirt jump frame which has a 68mm/Euro BB size - im not sure what part of the BB this measure meant is but i want to put a Shimano Saint crankset on it which says it supports 68/73 mm frame sizes, but i wanted to be sure it would before i shell out the money for it !!

Thanks alot,


  • The width of most mountain bikes bottom bracket shells is either 68mm or 73mm.

    Most mountain bikes use a euro BB which has a smaller diameter than a bmx BB.

    The Saints will fit your frame using the supplied 3 spacers (plastic rings that fit over the BB, against the cups). 1 goes non drive side, 2 go drive side.

    No spacers would be needed if the frame had a 73mm BB shell.

    It's recommended that the frame's BB shell is faced before installing an external bearing BB like the Saints. If the outside edge of the frame's BB shell has paint on it then it most likely needs facing still. If you're not sure ask when you buy the frame or at your local bike shop.

    I've got Saint cranks on my bighit. Never had a problem with them.
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