How would you view this season...

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Ok I know there is a little way still to go and some great races but in the main it is over...


  • Not been that interesting.

    The slow-ish pace of the TDF was a disappointment as was the continual discussions of drug use throughout the season. You never know, the return of LA could improve the 09 season :wink:
  • If you've watched each race for its own sake, it's been a good season .

    The drug issue is never going to go away, but before we disappear into our own black hole of cynicism, the activities of the 'new generation' of 'clean' teams, the rooting out of more of the old gang, and the public humiliation of Ricco must be considered steps in the right direction. The only way is up, with younger riders themselves leading the demand for clean racing, rather than them being pushed by team directors and doctors along the chemical path.
    BUT: only 20 months for Ricco is a bit of a slap in the face for those who want justice tho'..... :shock:
    Next season I hope Basso, Armstrong and anyone else 'on the comeback trail' fail in terms of results.

    What else?
    The tactics of CSC on Cadel Evans, culminating in the Alp d'Huez display, was something we are unlikely to see in that form again, and for my money was fantastic viewing. 8)
    By the same token, for all his 'YouTube' antics, Cadel proved beyond doubt he was some rider - it took so much effort by CSC to beat him.
    Stuey O'Grady - roleur! :D
    I wanted Erik Zabel to win one more...not to be. :(
    I will miss Paolo Bettini - the guy looked like he was born on a bike and never got off. :wink:
    I was disappointed with Valverde as a tour rider - again. He should do a Paolo: win more classics.
    But anyway - there was Cavendish - him vs. Boonen vs. Petacchi vs. Freire etc - oh yes... :D

    And last but not least, for me there was a chance to stand by the road and watch a bunch of pro-tour guys, mixed up with our very own lads, wizz past me in our very own ToB. It wasn't the TdF but at least we're still on the map.
    Singlespeeds in town rule.
  • The Alpe D'Huez stage wasn't great, the climb of the Alpe itself was pretty exciting.

    The classics- kind of passed me by, possibly Eurosport didn't broadcast that much of them!

    Giro - good, despite all of the moaning about the uphill off road TT.

    Tour -ok because of Cavendish

    Vuelta -not as bad as I thought. I quite enjoyed what I saw.

    ToB- disaster as I missed the race in the rain stuck in traffic... didnt look that hot on tv.

    Olympics - good.

    Overall it has been a sort of run-of-the-mill season for me from a viewing standpoint.

    I think it will be better next year with a few new jerseys to freshen it up a bit. The sport needs a hero it can believe in with so few people believing in Contador.

    Worlds- Nicole Cooke was impressive but the male RR was a disaster.
  • mididoctors
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    painful to watch at times...

    the high point was the tour which was rather interesting...

    the worlds RR both men and women were good races..

    women's racing raised its profile not just in the UK ...

    the standard of women,s racing "tactically" and intensity has improved..

    it always takes me a while to adjust to the pace of womens racing but once your dialed in its not a bad watch at all.

    make or break 2009....?
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  • judging by the forum today it might get worse in '08 before we can think about '09
  • i think i will wait for the extra tour tests to come back before i decide.