Madone 4.7

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Does anyone know about the Trek Madone 4.7 2008? Just ordered a couple in to try out for size. Looks a great bike. However, I have been told that the Madone has a overly rigid back end and don't want to get a sore backside on long rides. However, last bike was aluminium so hoping the full carbon frame turns out to be more comfortable. Bit worried that the carbon frame has an aluminium steerer. Does this cause problems?


  • cougie
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    Not ridden the Madone, but the Giant carbon TCR has a very nice back end on it. Not harsh at all. May be worth a look ?

    Cant see that an aluminium steerer should be any problem for you - they wouldnt be making them if there were any problems. Altho my steerer/fork is all carbon.
  • John.T
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    I don't know about the 4.7 but I have a 5.2 and it is extemely comfortable. It rides rough roads superbly but just lifts off when you stamp on the pedals. The allu steerer is fine. Just a little heavier than the carbon but a lot cheaper. 2008 5.2s are going for knock down prices to make way for the 2009 models which are mainly face lift jobs.