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Post maintenance checks

beverickbeverick Posts: 3,461
edited September 2008 in Commuting chat
Having rebuilt the tourer this weekend I thought I'd best double check that all of the bolts were tight after this morning's commute.

Lucky I did as, for some inexplicable reason, I'd forgotten to tighten the stem onto the a-head and the bolt at the top of the a-head was only hand tight.

How I got to work this morning a) without a spectacular dismount at some random corner, or b) without noticing I haven't the faintest idea.

Ooops. I got away with that one! :oops:

I shall now write out 100 times: "I must complete my post maintenance checks."



  • biondinobiondino Posts: 5,990
    I checked my rear quick release before cycling yesterday - 17 miles later my rear wheel came out of the dropouts :shock:
  • RufusARufusA Posts: 500
    I changed my pads and adjusted my V-brakes the other day. Only to discover on my next visit from the p@&c@%re fairy:

    a) It was raining (of course).
    b) I'd not checked I had enough "slack" to release the V-brake.
    c) I'd gathered my multi-tool up with my socket set and left in garage, rather than returning it to my saddle bag.

    Cue many naughty words, and a long walk home in the rain!

    Makes a change from always forgetting to reconnect the V-brake after taking the wheel off and wondering why I have no brakes after clipping in!

  • redveeredvee Posts: 11,922
    RufusA wrote:
    Makes a change from always forgetting to reconnect the V-brake after taking the wheel off and wondering why I have no brakes after clipping in!


    Been there and done that but with both brakes, a friend dropped me off and I rebuilt the bike and rode off towards a junction with no brakes and thinner soles on my shoes when I did manage to stop :oops:
    I've added a signature to prove it is still possible.
  • I changed a tube last weekend, cycled for about 4 days wondering what that rattling was, then got home and decided to have a look.

    I'd forgotten to do up the wheel nuts. :shock:

    Thank god for the chain tugs!
  • Greg TGreg T Posts: 3,266
    Not quite bike related but I once topped up my oil in my car prior to a long motorway drive.

    I think I didn't fully secure the bonnet catch as at 100 mph in the outside lane the bonnet flew up and wrapped itself over the windscreen.....

    I had a bit of a moment - but ice cold and calm I regained my composure as I thought that girly shrieking wouldn't help.

    Luckily the top edge had a good sized scalloping on it so I could see underneath it to gain a view of the road.....

    I indicated left - why exactly is beyond me as everyone around me had seen it happen and had got the hell away from me...

    Pulled over and called the AA.....

    The AA guy arrived - somewhat surpised, took the bonnet off and off I went, the entire length of the M4 from Brizzle to London, mad max style.

    Brmmm Brmmm.

    Maint is dangerous - don't do it.
    Fixed gear for wet weather / hairy roadie for posing in the sun.

    What would Thora Hurd do?
  • linsenlinsen Posts: 1,959
    Greg T I haven't laughed so much in ages....

    I once tried to do the roof back up when we were driving along on our old 2CV - you need strong arms for that...
    Emerging from under a big black cloud. All help welcome
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