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Helmet Cam - Dogcam 480 and ...

snowfruitsnowfruit Posts: 26
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I just managed to get myself a Dogcam 480 for a nice price on ebay not as good as the 550 I know, but much better than I would have been able to get normally for the money and hopefully good enough for my needs (I like to make MTB & snowboarding videos of our antics and burn them to DVD after a bit of Affter Effects fiddling, my other hobby - I used to do this with my digital camera, but the video quality is waay too low for TV watching).
Anyway, now I need something to record onto. I cant afford the DVR offerd by Dogam, unfortunately. I've seen some people use the Archos PMPs, so I would like to ask:
a) what do you need to connect the two?
b) how much of the camera's quality will be lot by rcording on the Archos?
c) is any particular model of the Archos range better at recording than others - I know the higher end ones have tons of features, but I only really want it to record the video from my camera?
oh and d) would one of these be better suited than the PMP

Thanks for the help
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