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Biking to football matches - best facilities?



  • biondinobiondino Posts: 5,990
    Lol for judging a football club qualitatively on where it's geographically located! Still, excellent pub quiz question, though.
  • risris Posts: 392
    SecretSam wrote:
    ris wrote:
    SecretSam wrote:
    In my younger days, when I lived in Bristol, i used to lock my bike to the railings outside the loos at Ashton Gate (Bristol City)

    not sure if things have improved since... :shock:

    the cyle parking might have but i'm fairly sure the loos at trashton are still as bad as ever ;)


    Smell of gas round here? :lol:

    not me, i'm an ipswich fan (for crimes in a past life it feels!) but the wife and boss are city fans so the banter is pretty constant these days. ashton gate isn't too bad a ground compared with real old grounds like ninian park or the mem! :D
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