Chain snapped!

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Well last of the lovely sunny days predicted round here so about 3.30 I decide to set off on my 2008 Allez to Chepstow and back on a 30 miler - and half a mile from home pulling away from a junction up hill: SNAP! My foot's clipped in and I fall off in front of a car who fortunately wasn't away as quick as me and the driver enquired as to my well-being.

Flipping chain snapped on me - sheared through the side links and I've done less than a 1000 miles on it. Fortunately all down hill to my house so a bit shaken but coasted home.

With all the cheapo Halfords bikes I've owned I've never had this before so what's the score - is it a warranty item/repair? (Bike bought new local LBS in January)

This road bike lark seems a bit fragile to me.

Anyhooo, I jumped on my 4 yr old 6000 mile Halfords hack and did the run with no probs as usual.
......heading for the box, but not too soon I hope!


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    and how far worn was the chain?

    warranty only if material/manufacturing fault.
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