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i dont know whether its best to upgrade my current bike, a specialized allez 07, with new wheels and gear set etc. or is it going to be better to buy a new bike. I have been a keen cyclist for a few years and was aiming to take part in races and time trials next year.

any guidance as to which is going to give me a better final racing bike would be great. Ideally if i was going to buy a new bike i would spend around £1000-£1300.



  • I'd go with the new bike, and keep the Allez for winter/spare/training
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  • I'd go with the new bike, and keep the Allez for winter/spare/training

  • definitely a new shiney toy...
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    Ok, time for the other viewpoint :wink:
    If your Allez frame / forks are the correct size and in good condition then it might be wise to upgrade the peripherals and bring it up to the level that suits you. The test reports always compliment the frame and say it would be good for upgrading.
    Also it seems a new bike for £1000 or so still comes with entry level wheels which you would want to change anyway.
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  • thanks for the advice, i was looking at the 2008 CAADS as a new bike option or simply replacing all the gear on the frame, which has a good review for the upgrading aspect, with campag gears and wheels. when al said and done, i am going to spending equal amounts on either upgrading or getting the new bike. really not sure which to do.