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Knee pain

ianjayteeianjaytee Posts: 46
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Just changed from Shimano clipless to speedplay pedals and still having the same knee pain on the outsides of my knees. Set the float to the maximum but makes no difference. Any suggestions?


  • seat position? seat height?
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  • JWSurreyJWSurrey Posts: 1,173
    If the pain is on the outsides of the knees, it could be that the Q-factor of your cranks is quite high i.e. You're running a triple setup/double with a long spindle in the bottom bracket.
    Alternatively, it may be time to nip down to your local biomechanic / sports physio. to see if you would benefit from inserts in your shoes - Doctor Duffy has a good article in this month's Cycling Plus.
    Most good bike shops will analyse your setup. If you're in London, Cyclefit do this sort of thing.
  • neebneeb Posts: 4,448
    My knee problem was solved by eliminating the float on speedplay zeros. It was in the inside rather than the outside of the knee though. Still, it's worth bearing in mind that knee problems can be caused by too much float as well as too little.
  • If the pain is to the side of the knee rather than below or behind it, I would suspect the pedals and cleats first and foremost.

    I had terrible problems with my left knee in the earlier part of this year, which was in many ways the opposite of what you get ie pain on the inside aspect of the joint. I solved that by moving the cleat position so that my left foot pointed very slightly outward. No bother since, and I've done hundreds of miles.

    I wonder if your foot position points your toes too far outward and/or your cleat is set too far to the outside of the shoe?

    A tip I've picked up is to sit on the edge of a table with your feet danging freely - and note the angle your feet go to naturally, Try to copy that on the bike.
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