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I've fitted 57mm Shimano brakes to my fixed wheel bike but, even with the pads at the bottom of the cutouts, the rear pads still foul the tyre. I can't move my wheel further forward to place the pads fully on rim alone because then my chain is too slack.

Do you know of any brakes with an extras couple of mm drop? Or am I missing something really obvious?

I rode with front brake only for a few months but don't like it and have ended up chopping out the upper half of the rear pads so they hit the rim alone and not the tyre.

I've looked for a "drop bolt" mentioned on Sheldon Brown's website but can't find one.

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  • I don't think you'll find something longer than that new. Drop bolts are pretty thin on the ground too. If you really need that extra drop there's a couple of things you could try:

    Make up your own drop bracket just like Sheldon Brown which isn't as difficult as it may sound.

    Alternatively, there are older brakes with a longer drop. In particular some centre pull brakes are pretty effective, and while they are not as effective as a good dual pivot caliper, they are better than a long drop single pivot brake. This would of course require a cable hanger, but they are pretty cheap.[/url]
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  • Or there's these: ... b0s100p149
    Nut fitting only I'm afraid, and theres no quick release, but they're deep!
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    The Tektros are really nice.
  • Many thanks.

    Tektros look good and easier than bolts.

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    Tektros are the classic replacement for Weinmann centrepulls on older bikes. I have fitted a couple of sets and they are very nice indeed.