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Road biking seems loads harder then MTB!

Dr MDr M Posts: 171
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Just moved to Cumbria and its a massive shock to the system all these big hills!! I'm really struggling on the road bike, i'm ok on the long stuff like Kirkstone (from Windermere) but the short steep climbs, and the constant undulations seem to tkae it right out of me. Bizarrely though i never seem to suffer like this on the mountain bike. I thought the road would be easier as the terrain is so much smoother and i can get into a rythm but it seems harder.

maybe on the road bike i'm just pushing a much faster pace all the time (and gearing will be higher, but i've got a triple!)

Guess i just need to practice, practice practice all these hills. Going up Fell Foot bank today felt so hard i got demoralised and cut my ride short :( (i think i was looking for a reason to give up though as i was feeling cold cos only had a thin layer on and it was pretty chilly first thing)


  • It's worth just keeping at it. I've been training lots in the hills for the last couple of years now just to make sure I get the most out of my rides when I have limited time. I used to be intimidated by them but now love them! You will see a big improvement but it will take a little time.

    I was out over the weekend for a long hilly ride in North West Northumberland. My friends were suffering but I was wondering what all the fuss was about. Stick in there, you'll be so happy you did when the Spring comes!

    Good luck!
  • I got a new road bike last week after all my life on an MTB....the change in speed and direction is fantastic...hills that I struggled with seem like a lot less work than they were before...The road bike accelerates a lot easier than the MTB.
    Keep at will get there.....
    17 Stone down to 12.5 now raring to get back on the bike!
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