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First ride with my new bike - includes slugs and brakes!!!

MertynMertyn Posts: 51
edited September 2008 in MTB beginners
Hi All,

I just went out with my new Rockhopper 08 to Swinley Forest in Bracknell and had a brilliant time! I've been there a few times before but only renting bikes out and the RH was so much better than what i'm used to. :D

Gotta recommend Swinly too, its great fun and massive - plenty to do!

Two things...I've got V brakes (Avid), I like that they are very light, but I don't like how weak they seemed and the back especially was very spongy after a while, is there any way to improve these? In the mid to long term I will be moving to hydraulics.

Second, I seem to have a very slight grinding noise coming from the crank shaft(?), is this normal?

Oh yea, after a couple of hours my brother pointed out that I had a 'leaf' stuck to my tyre, on closer inspection it turned out to be a bright green (squashed) slug, gross! :shock:


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