Bettini to retire

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Paolo Bettini will announce his retirement tonight. ... 68740.html


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    I wish him well.. One of my favourite riders for a long time. Would be awesome if he won tomorrow but I cant see it happening..
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    Doobz wrote:
    I wish him well.. One of my favourite riders for a long time. Would be awesome if he won tomorrow but I cant see it happening..

    Yep agree with that always had a lot of time for The Cricket just a great classics man. If he does win tomorrow will he be the only WC never to wear the rainbow jersey the following year ?

    Gasping - but somehow still alive !
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    I think he would be - winning tomorrow would be the first time anyone has ever won the Worlds three years in succession though.

    His palmares is impressive;

    1 x Olympic RR
    2 x World RR
    2 x Liege-Bastogne-Liege
    2 x Giro di Lombardia
    1 x Milan-San Remo
    3 x World Cup winner
    2 x Italian National Champion
    1 x Tour de France stage
    2 x Giro d'Italia stage
    5 x Vuelta a Espana stage

    I think it is beyond dispute that he's the best classics rider of his era and one of the best of all time. He combines tactical nous with blistering acceleration and a very fast sprint.
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    Shame he would have to retire without his team supporting him. Apparantely Quick Step offered him to step up to become running the team and eventually buy it off Lefever after a few years but then Paulo changed his mind and wanted to race again, which meant Quick Step said they could get 4 riders for his salary(Shumacher,Devolder and Chavenel and)
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    Good luck to the man with whatever he chooses to do now (I'm guessing he won't be short of offers).

    Sad as I may sound, but I hope they don't change the Sidi adverts with smiley Bettini chasing after his shoe. It wouldn't seem right watching cycling on Eurosport without that ad shown at every break.
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    It's rumoured he'll take up a management position at QS. Hope he stays in the sport - his Lombardy win was one of the most extraordinary I've ever seen.
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    It was nice to see the handshakes going on at the end of the race yesterday.Bettini and Zabel crossing the line together was also nice.
    The end of an era,and a new dawn arising. :D
    How son yee divent need gaan doon the Pit,coz thas plenty coal in the coal hoose
  • That was nice to watch!