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My bike was run over!

Steve88Steve88 Posts: 59
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So today on my way home form a 2hr spin my bike (GT iDrive XCR5 €1200 = nearly £950) got run over by some censored in a BMW X5. I was walking with a friend I met in the local shop, both of us on the path and my bike in the cycle lane (the path was to narrow for all 3). Some woman comes flying around a bend and next thing I know my bike was gone out of my had! The silly waggon in the car speeds off about 50 yards up the road than decides to stop! When she hit my bike she was on the phone. She started screaming that I pushed the bike out in front of her car and that Id be paying for any damage to her new car. My friend is a police officer (off duty at the time). So needles to say when she found out she tried even harder to put the blame on me.

My frame is snapped and my 2 wheels are bent to censored ! looking at the bike I cant help but think what would have happened if I was the bike. after nearly half an hour talking to the woman she agreed it was her fault and shed pay for any damage if it went no further. Upon finding my bike was wort over €2000 (£1550) with all the extras, she went pale, gave me her phone number and agreed to meet me on Monday afternoon to arrange a new bike. As happy as I am that she agreed to replace what she had destroyed, I want my old bike back. Its been to so many places with me in the saddle. I really was nearly crying, I honestly feel like I lost someone rather than some thing. Am I just being a little over dramatic?
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  • Naah man, I'd probably be the same. If it's the first bike you truely lusted after and spent so much time researching, testing and saving for it's a truely treasured posession! :D

    Good thing she stopped. Mind you, I hope you got more than just her number - reg and address I'm on about :shock:

    Good luck with it all any way.
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  • omahaomaha Posts: 120
    on top of her paying for damages i'd be wanting her charged with dangerous driving.
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  • beskibeski Posts: 542
    Man I would be livid, I hope everything gets sorted ok.
    People on a mobile phone when driving deserve to have the book thrown at them, it's supposed to be illegal but I see someone doing it virtually every day :x
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  • I have the car reg and her insurance details too, so if she tries anything ill have her done for dangerous driving. My mate, who is a cop, said that it wouldn't be worth taking it any further than getting a new bike. All she would get is an €80 fine and 2 points on her licence, might never get a bike for ages than.It wasn't my first mtb but with all the time I spent upgrading it, it was "special" to me.
    I didnt do it! I found it broken, honest!
  • cjwcjw Posts: 1,889
    Report the accident to the police along with her details to be sure there is a record and ensure you report her driving without due care and attention at the same time. Take photos of your mashed bike as well

    Reason... when she gets home and tells hubby... he will tell her it is your fault and they will tell same to insurance.... you could be in for a long haul here :cry:
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  • Hubby was in the car with her, by the look of it shes the "man" in the relationship. And I really hope the fact that I have a police officer as a witness they have a bit of cop on. Sitting here now I am seriously thinking of pressing charges, I could get her done with criminal damage along with careless driving I guess. But I will see how I get on on Monday first. If it goes well that's the end of it, if not :twisted:

    The only plus side to this is, she wrecked the side of her car.
    I didnt do it! I found it broken, honest!
  • Steve88 wrote:
    Upon finding my bike was wort over €2000 (£1550) with all the extras, she went pale, gave me her phone number and agreed to meet me on Monday afternoon to arrange a new bike.

    I bet hubby isn't there on Monday when she 'negotiates' with you :lol:

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  • ProwlusProwlus Posts: 539
    Best to get insurance nowadays for rigs over £700 like cycle guard. That way you can process this problem easier next time so that said driver won't have to pony up the cash her insurers will , touch wood
  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    whats the law like in Ireland about using the phone while driving? Big no no in the UK.
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  • This is awful, get your new bike then take her to the cleaners. These people make me sick, and then to have the front to say that it was your fault as well.
    It may be a child she hits in her Chelsea Tractor next time. :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:
  • SikoraSikora Posts: 519
    I can remember something similar happening to be when i was younger. A guy in his VW Sirocco clipped my crankarm and mounted the kerb. Managed to get him to pay up without too much hassle.
    Looking back, he was probably drunk, but i was too worried about my bike to notice
  • You can get a driving ban if you get caught while driving on the phone.

    Bike insurance is not really that big here. I guess it would have to go on the house insurance or something, I'm only 20 so I dint have that. Ill look in to it and see if I can insure my next bike.

    I just to decide on what bike to get next now. I just hope its all done with for next weekend. it was such a bad thing to happen first thing on the weekend. Gland I got 1 spin in though.
    I didnt do it! I found it broken, honest!
  • KB8KB8 Posts: 123
    I honestly feel like I lost someone rather than some thing. Am I just being a little over dramatic?

    Bikes are replaceable, and constantly being innovated. Unfortunately, humans aren't. You just better hope the b1tch turns up.
  • The same thing happened to me, except i was on the bike at the time! The car hit me, stopped and then drove over my bike then shot off down the road! But to my surprise a passer-by walked over to me with number plate of the car after it had fell off during the collision, haha i bet when the bloke got home he thought, i'm fecked! He recieved a 12 month ban and 10 months in prison. however i did not receive compensation due to the fact the bloke was classed as unemployed due to being prison! :shock: leaving me to shell out for a new bike and an injured back!
  • Christ, I would be causing hell on earth if that'd happened to my xcr5!

    Infact I probably would of put the bike in her boot, kicked them both out and taken the car, she could have it back when I'm holding a shiny new bike.

    Personally I reckon it's well worth at least reporting it, you can request or state that you are mearly reporting it- It's as good a fail safe as any really.

    Any hassle from her though and you've got her by the balls, it's either pay up for face something far worse, criminal charges etc. Fair enough 1 part of that may only be 2 points, but what's not to say she's hasn't already got 3,4 or 5 points?
  • Tara911Tara911 Posts: 136
    I hope you get it sorted whichever way you decide to go...

    Women drivers... <whistle>
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  • Tara911 wrote:
    I hope you get it sorted whichever way you decide to go...

    Women drivers... <whistle>

    It's nowt to do with the gender of the driver. There are loads of stupid, arrogant, ignorant drivers and it has nothing to do with their genitalia. The fact that she was on the phone at the same time makes it all the worse. Like Papa Smurf said, who's to say that this episode wouldn't lead to a ban. I'd have her by the short and curlies mate, she needs to know that she can't get away with behaviour like this. I'm still aghast that she tried to blame you!
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  • So this morning I call her to arrange to meet up. She had totally forgotten about what had happened, or so she said, anyway I'm just back from the bank where I lodged a cheque for €3000 (£2400?)!!!!! She said it was for any other damage she may have caused! Than she just left! do you think she spoke to a lawyer or something?? I reported it to the police yesterday afternoon, could they have spoken to her? I'm over the moon about it :D Thank you all for your comments, made me feel a bit better. Now to buy a time machine and get my GT back.
    I didnt do it! I found it broken, honest!
  • missmarplemissmarple Posts: 1,980
    Great news mate, £2400 is a lot of dosh! - Perhaps I should try that with the Carrera? 8)
  • Wow, top result! Hope the cheque doesn't bounce as that is fantastic!

  • If the Cheque bounces my mangles Gt will bounce off her head! I have her car reg and phone number, the police have been notified so fingers crossed. Sad thing is I'm going to be off the bike until I get a new one, at least 2 weeks :(
    I didnt do it! I found it broken, honest!
  • ceecee Posts: 4,553
    sounds like she is bricking it, and gave you a big cheque to make sure you didn't take it further.

    Glad you reported it to the police though. as others have said, she might already have points and only need another couple for a ban. Did you get an accident reference number?

    Hope the cheque clears OK and enjoy spending it!
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  • Sounds like you will be a kid in a candy store!

    Will be some long hours looking at cataglogues I predict!

    Good luck :lol:
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  • I really hope that cheque clears! Hopefully it all ends well. I'm pretty glad she only wiped the bike out...
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  • Iain CIain C Posts: 464
    Please keep us updated! You deserve something new and shiny!

    WTF is it that the people on the phones whilst driving are almost invariably driving BMWs and Mercs? I'm never see someone on the phone in an old Cavalier or something. An X5 is probably a £50000 car and the cost of putting a handsfree in it is peanuts in comparison to the cost of the car. It's a real pee boiler.

    And no, I'm not being biased, I've got a 3 series myself, but I drive a lot of miles and I see it all the time. Morons. :evil:
  • so more importantly, seeing as you're okay and whatnot...

    what are you going to spend it on...
  • benpinnickbenpinnick Posts: 4,148
    I was hit nit that long ago, as I went over a roundabout. I was crossing straight over and a lady saw me from the left, stopped to let me go (as she should) and then changed her mind and went anyway. I slammed into her car, over the top and off the other side. Amazingly both boy and bike survived with only the tiniest scuff. Her car on the other hand...

    I totally trashed the rear wing, door and roof on her brand new Honda. Ho Ho.

    Afterwards, she said sorry, but she was in a hurry as her kids (now in the back of the car crying) were late for their swimming lesson. It was at that point I decided to leave before attempting to ram a 700c wheel down her throat to shut her up.
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  • Chaka PingChaka Ping Posts: 1,451
    Nice to read a story with a happy ending, provided the cheque clears.

    Come back and update us when it does - and of course tell us what you're planning on replacing it with.

    Great time to be buying - with the 08 discounts.
  • Done well in the end. All that money for a new bike and you have the old GT for spares still.
    Happy days if the cheque clears okay :D
  • You lucky sod!

    Did I mention I'm your best mate? Don't let the fact you don't know me put you off...
    So, what are we going to spend the money on

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