Bit of advice really

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Im after some advice bike wise

currently i have a Specialised globe sport and im after a new bike since work have just started there c2w scheme.

so i thought id get another bike upto £800/900 ish leaving 100 for upgrades etc

im a bit inbetween on models and even types of bikes really, currently ive done roads / dirt track riding but was looking to commute into work and i find the globe sport a bit slow / sluggish will i notice a massive difference between say this and a specialised tricross comp / Specialized Tricross Sport (assuming i can get one for somewhere round this price).

or is there another recommendation?

ive seen some more specialised hybrids but they seem very similar to my globe with slightly higher spec and im not sure i'd notice anything different between the 2 bikes either

any advice?


  • sonny73
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    are you set on a hybrid?
  • Higher end hybrids are lighter so you'll notice it during climbs and for acceleration. But if you want a nippier bike you're looking at a flat bar or drop bar road bike.

    Those Specialized are cyclo-cross (replace the knobblies with road tyres) you should notice a slightly faster ride, as more crouched and you have drops
    Say... That's a nice bike..
    Trax T700 with Lew Racing Pro VT-1 ;-)
  • well im looking at hybrids because im a chunkier guy 18st ish not sure that road bikes are going to be comfortable

    and mountain bikes have chunky tyres which are going to be slower then my hybrid.

    i did consider a drop handlebar jobby as im not sure owning 2 hybrids if a great plan but this seems to fit both types of riding.

    its pretty flat where i live but the roads are in pretty poor condition also. so perhaps if im only going to notice the difference on climbs etc its not worth it.
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    Hugo - I'm a big bloke and I've just bought a Tricross Sport. I'm extremely happy with it and would recommend it highly.

    I used to ride a Specialized Crossroads which is the old version of your globe (I think) and I can definitely say that the Tricross is faster... Well... it would be, if it wasn't for the two nearly-full panniers and one-litre water bottle I always lug around with me.