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I bought a track pump from Aldi a while ago and tried pumping up my tires today but found it a struggle to get past about 70psi on the gauge.I eventually had to use my Blackburn Airstik to pump up a bit more.Now then good people,am I doing something wrong or is it the old adage of "you get what you pay for",the Blackburn was about 4 times the price of the Aldi track pump.Any advice would be much appreciated. :?


  • You're lucky that it worked at all, the one I bought on the last Aldi specials day didn't work at all for either style of valve.

    I repeated my mistake by buying one from Lidl as well, but that at least does the tyres on my kids bikes. I ended up buying a Blackburn framepump instead as I was sick of the two cheapo pumps just deflating my tyres everytime I tried to use them. But the mini-pump I bought from Aldi years back is still going strong so maybe I was just unlucky.
  • my aldi pump comes apart if it gets hot (100psi) as its only glue that sticks the body of the pump to the feet
  • i bought a track pump from Lidl for £4. I thought that if it (a) works, and (b) lasts a fortnight, then it would serve it's purpose whilst i sourced a quality replacement. It worked quite well and still does - about 4 years later. £4 well spent.
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  • I bought my Lidl track pump four years ago for £2 and it is still going strong.
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    I bought one in tesco extra, which I think on inspection is the same as the Lidl one... seems fine.. puts 120psi in my tyres no problems, and the valve works fine. Very happy, except for the fact that I paid a tenner in tesco and it was only a fiver at Lidl, oh well (maybe I got a better valve connector!)
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    My Aldi pump lasted about 30 seconds. My 9 yo gave it a pump and it was in bits. Never got round to taking it back. :-(
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    Tesco one here..worked okay but after a fiddly effort in the shed the other week when i was pumping and not alot seemed to be happening (so i thought) connected it up to my car pressure gauge and it showed 180psi in my front tyre :lol:

    now tempted to get a decent one as its very hit and miss
  • Asda do a reasonable pump for a tenner. Had it a few weeks now with no problems at all. :shock:
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    Bontrager track pump for 20 quid, gets up to 120psi with no probs. got mine from Evans but cant see it listed now :?