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Which pedals/shoes

S2driverukS2driveruk Posts: 34
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I'm looking to get a set of shoes for my soon to be acquired road bike.

Am i commiting a serious biker faux pas by thinking about getting mtb clipless and shoes rather than specific roadie keo's and shoes?

Reason for asking is that if i want to get off and walk about a bit, i am guessing the road shoes are going to be knackered in a few trips and will look pretty tired on the sole unit too. However, will my pedaling be any less efficient or uncomfortable using mtb setup? Seems they are still stiff shanked but the toe area can articulate. Failing that are there any hybrid far not seen any?

Any advice welcome :wink:



  • I'm in the same boat as you - just got my first road bike on friday - currently still has the flats and toe clips on it. It's my birthday in a week and I've asked for a new pair of Specialized MTB comp shoes. I also have a set of Crank Bros Smarty pedals which were bought for me last year, and I've not got round to using.

    I currently use spd's on my full sus mtb, I plan on putting the smarties on the mtb, and getting egg beaters for the road bike. I like the idea of being able to walk in the shoes, so mtb shoes are the way forward I reckon.

    Anyone else use egg beaters (or other crank bros pedals) on a road bike?
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  • cougiecougie Posts: 22,512
    How much walking are you doing ?

    My road bikes have Look pedals on. My fixie for Winter has Time Atac pedals - great pedals but the Mtb shoes arent as good as my carbon fibre road shoes.
  • I've just had the same decision to make. I do mtb mostly but needed afresh challenge and bought my first roadbike. I have never used clip in pedals on the mtb as I feel safer with flats, but can see the sense for a roadbike to get the pedalling efficiency so decided to buy pedals and shoes for the new roadbike. Asked the guy at the local bike shop as he had mtb shoes and road shoes if I could use the mtb shoes so I could walk around in them? his advice was to go with the road shoe as I would be highly unlikely to be doing any walking around bar the few yards to the tea counter!!! and would look a bit silly in mtb shoes that look like trainers. Also told me mtb cleats are different to road cleats so could not mix the two, so would have to use mtb pedals??
    Also the road shoes are solid and transfer all your effort to the pedal and probably lighter as well.

    Although the advice may not all be 100% correct, I went for the road shoe and pedals, as it was light and went with the lightweight road pedals and he is right, when I am out on my roadbike, I keep going and cannot see much need for much walking - well until I get the wiff of carrot cake anyway! whereas on the mtb I spend more time searching out bacon and egg and coffee!!
  • fizzfizz Posts: 483
    S2driveruk wrote:
    IAm i commiting a serious biker faux pas by thinking about getting mtb clipless and shoes rather than specific roadie keo's and shoes?

    IMHO no you're not. If they suit your needs better go with the SPD style pedals and shoes especially if you do alot of walking of the bike.

    I've not tried them but my other half has SPD for her mountain bike and Keos for her road bike. She's never got on well with the Keos and is struggling with her confidence on them despite practising on the turbo trainer she finds them hard to unclip from and wont go out on the road on them yet. We put SPD's on her MTB and she took to them like a duck to water and was straight out on the road and she can unlcip and clip back in again without really thinking about doing it. She finds them very confidence inspiring.

    I've always used Look pedals for nearly 15 years or so and its got so that I dont even think about it now. Its just what you get used to I think.

    Personally I think you'lll find road pedals work beter ( bigger platform and harder sole for energy transfers ) but if you arent comfortable on them you wont ride your bike with them and theres no point in that IMHO.
  • I started out with a very second hand set of SPD shoes and pedals and have now upgraded to Specialized (Road Expert) shoes and Ultegra SPD-SL pedals. They took a little time to get used to but I'm really pleased with them now. They give a huge "platform" compared to the old set up and feel really secure. I've had no major problems getting out of them although the release is not exactly lightening quick. As for walking: no problem. Some people had said they were difficult to walk in but I hardly notice them: well, I am only going from the bike to the cake counter so it's not exactly a major hike.
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  • flasherflasher Posts: 1,734
    I got a pair of Specialized Sport MTB in conjunction with some Shimano M540's and am extremely pleased, the shoe is still very stiff and has just enough protection around the cleat to make them walkable :D

    Do what you think is best........
  • FSR_XCFSR_XC Posts: 2,258
    I already had the shoes when I got my road bike (shhhhh, I'm a mtb'er), so it made more sense to get spd's for the road bike too.

    You'll find that there are a large amount of people that use mtb shoes & pedals.

    There is apparently more 'flex' in a mtb set up and slightly less pedal efficiency due to the fact that the face of the pedal is smaller. If you are an elite rider, you might notice this.
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  • I've got spds on my commuter and use Shimano Sonoma shoes which I find very comfy for getting about in. They've also got quite an understated style so look good off the bike too.

    Road bike has shimano road pedals with dhb R1 shoes, which are not too bad for walking in considering the big cleat.
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