Bike`s first service.What gets done?

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Hi.Can anyone tell me what gets done to a bike on it`s 6 week free service becase i`ve just bought a bike from Scotland and I live in Lancs so I won`t be taking it in there.If I know what to do I might be able to do it myself.Ta.
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  • keef66
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    I'm not a bike shop, but my guess would be:-

    check the indexing of gears front and rear (cables stretch initially)
    check brake clearances / performance (cable stretch again, possibly pad wear)
    chech the torque of the major safety related fastenings (bar / stem / seatpost)
    see if wheels still true and tweak if required.

    Unlikely to be looking for play in bearings (hubs, headset, bottom bracket) or wear of drivetrain (chainrings, chain, sprockets) after only 6 weeks
  • Having just got mine back from the same sort of service, it appears like:

    The brakes have been reset close to the rims.
    The gears index better than the ever have.
    The chain and like have been given a very thorough lube etc. (Puts my efforts to shame)
    And randomly the seat is higher, I'm not convinced this was intentional but it's actually more comfortable :)
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    Thanks.Apart from the wheels I can do all that myself.Has anybody got anything to add on what needs doing?
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    Yes, check that all the bolts are securely and correctly tighened. First service is usually best carried out after around 200 miles, which gives enough time for anything that is going to loosen up to loosen up.
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    Usual stuff as said above, mine came back with fresh grease all around the BB and crank arms...looks like they may have them off on wheels had been re-tensioned too. Great job I must admit, big thumbs up the The Bike Factory in Chester.
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    All a bit random, and basic. Not sure I will bother unless there are guarantee issues ...