looking for a stumpjumper fsr expert any one seen one?

Badger 147
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Hey there,

I know that I am possibly a year or so too late :unsure: but I am trying to find the Specialized stumpjumper fsr expert 07 womens, colour: bronze. I have called a few stores even contacted specialized UK to see if they could help me, but alas they couldn't.
All the stores said the same thing basically, which is there getting ready to order in the 09 models so all the 08's will be sold off, so they have no 07's at all and can't get hold of any, but they also said it's still worth asking around specially on the web.

SO I am asking you guys if you can help in anyway, I've got my heart set on it and would prefer it new, but beggars can't be chooses. I know what I am asking for is a long shot any help would be much appreciated.