Scratching Carbon

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I have my mini pump attached to my frame via it's cage and I am normally very carefull when I take it off. However, I took it off yesterday and the valve attachment end slipped back in to the cage and slighty scratched the bikes carbon frame.

It's barely visible the nick (sligtly white on the black paint job), though you can feel it running your finger over it and this got me to thinking is there anything I need to do to protect the frame in such instances?

Sorry if this is an old thread somewher on the site :D


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    Bit of clear nail varnish will patch up the chip/scratch.

    To protect the frame, this might do the trick...
  • I have mountain bikes as well as my newly purchased first roadbike and with mountain bikes you need to protect the frame if you want to keep it looking good. I use clear protective film on my bikes which I bought of e bay in a big roll for about £6. It has worked so far and could be the solution for you. I only put it on in the areas of the frame likely to recieve wear. It may need a bit of heat to put on and eventually may peel at the edges, but you can then put a new piece on as its so cheap.
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    Smashing, cheers for the info :D