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Lightweight XC wheelset for a Santacruz VP-Free. Help needed

DanEvsDanEvs Posts: 640
edited September 2008 in MTB general
Right then boys and girls I need a little advice-

I have a Santacruz VP-Free which is brilliant for general trail centre rides and mucking about but a little hard work for the more regular XC riding I've been doing of late so what I'm wondering is if it'd be worth my while swapping out my standard wheels (pro II's and WTB dualduty FR rims.) and getting a second set?

I think if I got a second set -preferably very light- and fitted some XC tyres it'd make the going a tad easier would it not? I'm not a particularly heavy rider and don't break any kit as a rule so can't see me wrecking light rims too easily (especially not with 8.5" of travel cushioning them??).

VP-Free weighs 17kgs at the moment and has a 150mm rear end.

What would you guys suggest? (other option would be to censored £2k on a carbon hardtail but I'm not sure I'd get the same envoyment from it.)

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