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Being new to cycling and i must say at present making slow progress.I have managed to lose 3 and a half stone in 17 weeks.Having a good diet and no drink.Gym work and doing short rides.I still have a couple more stone to lose.I thought about joining a club as next season i would love to do 10 mile TT's.I have just got back from a meeting with north lancs cycle club.I have to say what a nice bunch of guys so friendly.Any body in the blackburn/darwen area thinking of joining a club i would recommend them.I plan to build my rides up on my own first so i can do 50-60 miles then i will be going on club rides with them


  • Well done on the weight loss.

    Why not start the club rides now but turn around after a set distance, say 10 miles and return home.

    Gets your face known, gets you used to riding in a group, helps your motivation, gets a decent run in each week and helps you extend teh distance slightly each time.

    FCN is minimal as I don't see many bikes on the way to work
  • PS 3.5 stone in 17 weeks is very good. Personally I find that cycling or rowing does not help me lose weight but running does it very nicely thank you.

    Sounds like the diet is the most important part though and the fact that you are burning more than your are taking in.

    FCN is minimal as I don't see many bikes on the way to work