which pedals m540 or 105 5610

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i currently use mtb shimano m540 double sided pedals on my winter bike, with shimano mt 20 pedals, but im going to get a new bike for summer, and was wondering if i would notice the difference if i put shimano 105 sl 5610 pedals on it and got some road shoes, my mt20 shoes have been very comfortable and pedals easy to get out of as they are multi release


  • Road pedals are certainly good for road riding but I wouldn't limit yourself to Shimano if I were you. Look, Time & Speedplay all have loyal followings... :wink:
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    I have moved from SPD - to SPD SL - with the 105 pedals you suggest. Really good - you feel a lot more part of the bike - I made the transition from double sided spds - no probls clicking in and out.
  • I have Look Keos and my mate has m540s (or 520s). As we have same size shoes we were able to swap. Maybe the SPDs were worn or badly adjusted but they felt sloppy and just did not feel safe to me. Certainly glad I chose road pedals. Depends what you are used to I guess.
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