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hey to all online tonite,so iv just bought the new atc3k and am not sure whays best on helmet or my handlebars,seems abit heavy on the lid.any replies would be appreciated :lol:
dafty d


  • downfader
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    IMO too big for the lid, I stick mine on the handlebars - plus people dont stare at you and ask if you're a Borg
  • Mine is strapped to the side of my lid. Took about two minutes to get used to it being there and now I don't really notice it.

    Yes, people notice it... but that's part of the point since I'm sure people give me more space when I'm wearing it.

    Also, if it's strapped to your handlebars it won't follow your line of sight.
  • redvee
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    If on your bars it will pick up every vibration from your bike such as clipping in with SPDs, freewheel pawls etc, or was the case when I had my aluminium GT, the sound transmission is better through now I'm riding a steel frame. Must remember to turn the sound off.
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