Be seen LED lights front and rear that take normal batteries

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Hello all,

I don't have a general need for lights, as both myself and my gf have AYUP front lights, but I'm looking for some decent rears and a LED flashing front one also.

A lot of them seem to take either CR2032 batteries, or batteries that aren't AA or AAA, and irritatingly a lot of the ones on wiggle/crc helpfully don't say what kind of batteries they run on :roll:

I thought this looked rather good, as is rechargeable, and can easily be done at work, would be a good backup for the AYUP, and can be left on flashing mode - anyone used one?

For rears I have seen this one which has excellent reviews:

Any views?

Thinking of maybe combining it with this:

Maybe have one on fixed, and one on flashing mode, have one on the back of the rack, and one on the right hand rear stays?


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  • I have one of those Infini rack mounted ones, I wouldn't recommend it as once or twice it has switched itself off, the movement sensor stuff seems to confuse it, just get one with an on/off switch. Blackburn Mars and Cateye LD are good imo.
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    I would agree, I gave up with the Infini - light sensor is unreliable, battery life is poor (drains the battery when using light/movement sensor, even when off), battery replacement is a faff, and the rubber seal broke. More often than not I would find it was off when it was supposed to be on.They are a cheap variation on the Busch & Muller Toplights theme, I'll get one of those next time.

    The Smart Superflash is excellent, ideally I would have one on flashing, with a Bush & Muller on steady.
  • Smart Superflash is v. good.
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    Check out the current C+ magazine - there's a review

    Am very happy with my basic cheapy 5 LED Cateyes, simple but visible

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  • It's basic Halfords stuff, but these show AA batteries in the picture.