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Combi Deluxe or Merlin Malt 1 Delore

xgeekxgeek Posts: 117
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Hi Guys,

Looking to buy a HT MBT and have been lurking here for the last week or 2 reading posts trying to decide what I should get.

I am new to biking and I am not sure what type of riding I will be doing. I know I will not be commuting on it. I will be doing canal paths and I am near Epping Forest so would like to explore that. Don't think I will ever do anything extreme (well not intentionally).

Popped into my local Halfords and they recommended a GT XCR 3.0 as the entry level bike. I don't really have a budget but I don't want to pay silly money if I don't have to.

After looking at posts here and looking around I was going to buy the new Malt 4 09 Ltd edition @ £875 ... goryId=100
but I am not sure if I am just throwing away my money on a bike spec that I won't appreciate. I know it's a nice bike but it may be wasted on me!

So I then decided to down size and came up wth these 2 options:-

Commencal Combi Deluxe @ £540 ... goryId=129
Merlin Malt 1 - 09 Deore @ £525 ... egoryId=39

I like the look and colour of the Combi Deluxe but I can't find any reviews on Google or any posts on here from anyone that has got one.

I am in London and can't make a trip to Merlin to take a look so need some help deciding. Out of the Combi Deluxe or Malt 1 which one is better VFM and has the better frame. Or should I just go all out and get the Malt 4 for £325 more? :?

Thanks in advance for any help.



  • No need to rush buying a bike there are plenty more out there that are good vfm it's not only merlin that offer good bikes.

    If you don't think you're going to use a top spec to it's potential then take a look at the lower priced bikes out there,There's still plenty to choose from that will satisfy you easily.

    Take a look at the GT Avalanche range also take a trip down to halfords and check out that carrera fury (no joke) it's a great frame with great forks and comes with disc brakes at £499 although i hear prices are going up on this model.

    Plenty to choose from.
  • Can't comment on the Malts, but I'm very pleased with my Combi Deluxe. There's been a few threads on here, but not much.

    Had it a few weeks now and took it out more seriously over the weekend. All my friends who tried it were amazed by how light it is - but they all ride older heavier bikes. My fitness is soooo much better than it used to be, but I surprised myself with how quick I made it up some of the climbs.

    There are a few (well ok, one) other people on here with them too, see this thread.

    Mine has since has some white Wellgo MG-1 pedals added to it, which I think look pretty damn good! 8)
  • xgeekxgeek Posts: 117
    err thank you thankyousam and Phill54 :D

    Took a quick look at the Fury and although I am not up on all the specs I think the Combi has the better forks? Plus the Fury looks a bit bland and like every other bike you see. The Combi has nice contrast and looks a bit pimp LOL.

    Thankyousam is it comfortable to ride and how does it handle? In the other post you say you may change the front brake? Is the standard one not very good? Also on the MErlin site it does not say what the gears are. I mean I know they are SRAM but I am not sure what ones?

    Cheers for the help.
  • Front and rear mechs are X7, shifters are X5.

    I found the saddle really comfy and it was mentioned by one of my friends. I do have a pair of cycling shorts with the padding though:) The brakes stopped me no problems - I'm about 13st. I just think a slightly bigger front rotor adds to the pimped look and isn't hideously expensive. I'll let the brakes bed in a bit and decide after pay day ;)

    There's a better spec list here

    The only other thing I'd mention is the tyres - but I had expected to have different sets for winter and summer. They're good on the hardpack and road in the dry, but I suspect they'll struggle and slip about in the mud when the winter weather really kicks in.
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