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problem B&M DToplight XS +

ScottDougallScottDougall Posts: 912
edited September 2008 in Commuting chat
I have a front hub dynamo on my Dahon MUXL commuter

Wired to that I have a Lumotec IQ Fly Senso light - great light, very bright - really happy with it

so I added a rear DToplight XS + wanting to never have to worry about batteries again

my problem is when I connect the lights via the Lumotec's built in connectors - earth to earth - power to power - it seems to bypass the front lights switch meaning that the lights are on all the time - both the front and the rear

I have tried a number of combinations and re read the very simple instructions - is there a problem with my lights or am I getting the wiring wrong ???

its really infuriating - help would be greatly appreciated

...its the legs that count !


  • duh

    I knew it would be a simple thing

    I reversed the polarity of the connection to the dynamo and it all worked as it should...
    ...its the legs that count !
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