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Hi. I've acquired the following and wondered if anyone could give me a ballpark figure as to it's value.

1958 Elswick Lincoln Imp - 22in frame - reynolds 531 main tubes.
Colour - balck with salmon bands and headtube - in fairly good condition - some of the white box lining is worn, but otherwise transfers intact.
flip flop hub with 5 speed on one side.
Bike almost completely original, but missing Brooks swallow saddle and Blumels mudgaurs - oh and more recent mech fitted.

Overall quite a tidy bike for fifty years young.

If anyone can advise, I'd be most grateful


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    hi dan, i came into your shop with that nice looking holdsworth path frame about six weeks ago.

    elswick aren't really considered as a classic framebuilder, although frames like the imp are quite nice and tidy. you should put some pics up if you can.

    as a general rule, people don't really look for them, or coleelct them or convert them, although i have seen one or two, so aren't that pricey.

    http://completed.shop.ebay.co.uk/items/ ... 86.c0.m282
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    Value,as with all vintage bikes, is what someone will pay. Original paint / transfers always help. The VCC have a marque enthusiast for Lincoln Imp.He will tell you more about its history.
  • These were factory built frames/machines made by Elswick aimed at the club rider. Most of the bigger manufacturers offered 531 frames usually made from 531 plain gauge tubing or occasionally 531 double butted.

    Manufacturers who offered these machines were:-


    Raleigh did offer better quality machines such as the RRA and Super Lenton and Humber Streak. Armstrong, Viking, Dawes, Holdsworth and Parkes were also mass produced but Dawes machines always had a good reputation particularly with cyclotourists and the others also would build custom frames to order.

    Most club cyclists wanted a custom made frame and would have used a factory built one as a hack bike as they didn't enjoy the same reputation as a bespoke frame.