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Sherwood Pines

JMC39JMC39 Posts: 38
edited September 2008 in MTB beginners
Just been to Shewood Pines this morning and had my first experience of what I guess is termed 'cross country'? Started off the day taking the trails, however I noticed a number of other smaller paths entering the forest, started to take these and suddenly a whole new world opened up :D

Anyway, it was a good introduction to cycling in the forest and I look forward to doing some more in the future. I might consider going on one of the instuctor lead MTB courses. The only downside was the bike rented by the GF, was very poorly maintained, the first had to be returned due to a front suspension being dead, the second then had a very clunky chainset (and only marginly better front sus). Won't be renting from Sherwood Pine Cycles again!!
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