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I wear orthotics in my day shoes - and have been using these in my cycling shoes. But I am now starting to suffer from cold toes in my right foot . I have moved the cleats back and forth and angled them but without much success.

I have been wondering whether I need different orthotics for cycling - and what would the cheapest way of getting these

I know specialised do some for £25 - and you add shims for these

cyclefit - do a more expensive one - but they are based right out my area and is very expensive.

You can also get some ones you DIY - by heating them and standing on them

I have a local specialized dealer who will do a cleat assessment for £30 - I reckon my choice is between this and heating my own ----any one had any experiences ?
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  • This is probably going to mean you need an opinion from the prescriber of your original orthotics, as everybody is different and off-the-shelf remedies may not be sufficiently well tailored to your problem. I wear orthotics for walking (can't walk without them) but the only thing I need to cycle is a thick innersole in my left shoe to compensate for the difference in lower leg length from that of my right leg.
    That's the way it is for me because of how my feet work.

    Depends how much you want to invest. If you can get a NHS pediatrist to prescribe something, knowing your need, then go for it before spending the wad for maybe an unsatisfactory outcome.
    I must admit, the heat-to-fit option sounds inviting, and is something I might consider for future shoe investment. Is it Shimano or Sidi that now do a top-range shoe that you have this heated insole option? .
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    I wear custom orthotics in street shoes. Without them my knees are buckling in pain after a couple of hours...

    However, when I went to my LBS to be fitted for my Roubaix, the guy in the shop took a look at my feet, and in particular the way they 'hung' when I was sitting on a high stool.

    He reckoned I'd be better off riding with a pair of Spesh green insoles (which he chucked in for free, so it wasn't just a decision driven by £££) than my regular orthotics. 1000+ miles later and I've had no knee pain from my riding.

    As a cheap first option, it may be best to go to a BG Fit specialist and give the Spesh insoles a go...
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    You could always try a ski shop as many skiers go for custom insoles. The SIDAS insoles sold at CycleFit are also available at some ski shops that I have visited.