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Advice and opions sought on wheel set choice.

SmudgaSmudga Posts: 2
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I am fairly new to mountain biking and use a Giant hardtail (xtc sx) I wieght 15 ½ st fully kitted and ride mostly xc, singletrack and a little light down hill.
I really would like people’s opinions and advice to help me make a decision over which wheels would be more suitable for me.
I've a choice between three, first is Mavic Crossrides, second is LX hubs, DT spokes with Mavic XM719 rims and third is XT hubs with DT4.2 rims.
These are all around the same price but I have considered upgrading the LX hub on my second choice to XT, but this will be right at the top of my budget so I’d like to know, is this a good idea and worth while in the long term?
I’ve checked out many reviews and I’m still not sure which to go for.
I will be using Panaracer fire XC pro Kevlar tyres with tubes on which ever I go for.
Any opinions, advice will be very helpful.
All the best Smudga


  • Crossrides are good, quite light, however not overly strong i've found, look good tho. Personally i'd go for the XT hubs (which are fantastic and should last you a lifetime) with the DT swiss 4.2 rims, a fantastic lightweight and strong rim. With DT comp spokes your going to have a light, strong wheel.
    In the process of doing my wheels too, XTR hubs on XC717 rims, which is another rim that may be worth looking at, seem light and good reviews, personally prefer the look of the DT's tho.
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