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Can I use Mtb for cylco cross

tommy_tommytommy_tommy Posts: 91
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My 9 year old son wants to start doing some races on a bike. I thought cyclocross would be a safe way/ fun way to introduce him to racing. I would also like to use some cyclo cross races this winter as training. We both have ridig frame Mtb's.

1. Would we be allowed to race on these MTB bikes?
2. Are there any special rules/ requirements for this type of racing?
3. Are there narrower knobbly tyres we could use on 650 wheels.


  • Thanks, I found this in the rule book.

    13.1 Category A, B, and C races shall be open to any type of bike without restriction, with the exception that all non-standard wheels must meet UCI regulations.

    So i think we are OK, as long as our MTB wheels meet UCI regulations, whatever they might be.
  • The easiest way of interpreting UCI rules: if the bike looks like it came from the 70's, it'll pass with flying colours. :roll:
  • It is legal to use an MTB in a Cyclo-cross race but due to the larger wheels on a Cyclo bike it is not legal to usea cyclo-cross bike in an MTB race.

    Can we fix it?
    Yes we can!
  • hopper1hopper1 Posts: 4,389
    Why not enter MTB races? :shock:
    There are plenty of events happening at this time of year.
    Start with a budget, finish with a mortgage!
  • As far as I know you can't use disc brakes in cyclo cross.
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  • As far as I know you can't use disc brakes in cyclo cross.

    Only races run under UCI rules, discs are allowed for most races.
  • In NI we have a mtb support race at cyclocross events for anyone who doesn't have a cx bike including underage.
  • trio25trio25 Posts: 300
    I did a CX race at the weekend on my tmb, everyone was very welcoming. I think till you get to national level events you can use any bike you want.
  • 100%100% Posts: 236
    I'm hoping to do my first cyclocross race next weekend, although disorganised with affiliating to the league.

    I've exchange a few emails about it and I get the feeling that, much like trio says, they're welcoming and just keen to get people turning up and riding in the events, especially if you're riding for fun.

    I've already told them I expect to be totally rubbish and my only aim is to try and finish to start with. I really need to practice the jumping on and off aspect...

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