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MVM + Morning Dew = no vision

phil_ss1phil_ss1 Posts: 194
edited September 2008 in Commuting chat

I was nearly knocked off this morning by a WVM pulling out of a housing estate, hadn't cleaned his windows off, looked directly "at me" through the dew on his side window but didn't see me! :shock: I was 1.5 to 2M from the kerb.

He was that close I had to take to the middle of the road and then avoid an oncoming car!

He pulled out that late I had no time to brake (I was covering the brakes), I thought by looking at me he had seen me! I ended up along side him and just managed one thump on the side of the van, b****d never even stopped or looked! :evil: No traffic/lights to chase him to.

I was livid! :twisted:

Moral - Watch out now the mornings are misty/damp for lazy inconsiderate, lardy @rses who can't be bothered to clear their view.


(p.s. Still managed to enjoy the rest of the 25 mile Saturday run, only 2 more overtaken/cut up incidents, but they are another story)
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