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cheap service :)

jacktheocjacktheoc Posts: 1,556
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A guy who lives just around the corner from me used to race downhill for my area (teesside) quite awhile ago. hes retitred now but does service on the side for some cash, took my bike round what needed the headset servicing ang the gears were shot tbh, picked it up last night and here it comes this morn at quater past 10 :)
full service on the gears and now running 100%
headset stripped, regreased.
wheels trued front and back
brakes sorted out as they were not as powerful
then daft things like dust caps, headset cover and general clean of the bike.
£17 :D i spent £70 on my reign on a service and i cant even tell the difference tbh
just though id share my news on this SUNNY saturday morning :roll:


  • He charged you? censored ,I do it for free :lol::lol:
    Just love potching I guess..

    Dot 4 in the eye hurts. Trust me
  • Hardly a week goes by that I'm not fixing punctures or sorting things on bikes for people living near my house. Mostly kids, they're not all friends of my kids either. Never seen some of them before or after the repair.

    I never charge them but hopefully the next time some kids decide to vandalise a car or break into a shed it won't be mine :?
    More freerange chicken than Freeride God
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  • He charged you? censored ,I do it for free :lol::lol:
    Just love potching I guess..

    'Potching'... not heard that for ages, anyone outside of S Wales understand? My dad used to say it all the time.
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