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Mercs Vs Volvo

thomsonnthomsonn Posts: 39
edited September 2008 in Commuting chat
I’d like a quick straw poll,

Are Mercedes Drivers the new arseholes of the road and have they taken the mantle from the much hated “bloody Volvo Driver?”

Needless to say my thoughts are yes. Merc drivers seem to think
A) they own the road
B) they don’t need to indicate
C) well.. they don’t

(experiences largely based on my 50 mile a day commute into and out of London)

your views?


  • thomsonn wrote:
    your views?

    My view is that this was done to death last time it came up.

    Lewis Hamilton drives a merc, and hes a much better driver than me, you or pretty much anyone else in the world.

    I treat all car drivers the same - people in 2 ton weapons who will cut me up, not see me and think i have no right on the road - what type of car they are in has no bearing whatsoever.
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