Pink Slip and National Track Champs

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After a couple of weeks I've now got me pink slip. Hurrah! Only problem is that the track skills session is all booked up till 16 November so I'll still be going to the improvers sessions for a while yet.

Anyway, it was nice to see Victoria Pendleton there tonight, not too busy with warming up to chat to the kids. 8) Quite exciting going to pick my fixed hack up after the session and being within shoulder barging distance of the various track stars in various states of undress as they warmed up on rollers. :D There were a lot of seemingly casually discarded jerseys, very nice bikes, disc wheels and those yellow 'crocs' shoes lying about as well...

Of course there were a few mutterings from would-be punters about the track not being available for cycling at the time they had hoped to ride. It is irritating to find it shut for a conference or something, but I don't mind it being shut for something like the track Championships - that's what it's for!