Liked the Handbuilt Shimano 105 so much........I

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.......................I bought the other wheel too.

The RS20 set with its 24 spokes and all are relegated to hanging on hooks on my garage wall to be used solely as spares. The 105 handbuilts are 32 spokes open pro type and have easily obtainable DT spokes , none of this having to order in spokes and nipples baloney like you have to with the RS20 set.

I got a brand new shimano 8 speed rear cassette and chain and put new continental ultragator skin tyres on and the bike is riding like honey .

Funny how you learn as you go along and I can see what a honking mistake buying RS20`s with their fancy spokes was. Im hoping for a long and trouble free relationship with my new handbuilt 105`s.



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    Welcome to the glorious past...
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    You won't regret it. I go for 36 rear and 32 front, but you can always try that next time - which hopefully will be a while!
  • Got 3 sets - one on ultegra 36 /28 spokes , one on 105 36/32 and one on veloce 36/28. Just ordered some ver y sexy ones for collection 15/10/08.
    anodised red cnc'd hope pro race 3 hubs, black dt spokes , black open pro rims and red anodised nipples - 36 / 28. Im getting moist just thinking about them! (sad i know but itll be my first race weight set owing to my size) :oops:
  • why do you need 36 spoke on road wheels when 32 is ample for a MTB?
  • Because a) we push mens gears, b) im a giant powerful mofo and c) i have snapped spokes with rotational force alone and d) they (usually) get more riding done on them e) a very slightly out of tune road wheel has a disproportionate effect on perfomrance as compare to mtb wheels f) the rims are usually much narrower and lighter weight than mtb rims. Thats all i can think of by way of intial reaction but you get the picture? :?
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    I'd guess the size of the air pocket in an MTB tyre provides a degree of cushioning that a small section road tyre doesn't get?
    If not that, then this (rough) quote from my wheelbuilder - 36 spokes is the minimum number of spokes that will guarantee, if you break a spoke 50 miles from home, the wheel will remain true enough that you will still be able to cycle home.
    How many mountain bikers do that?