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Here it is...

I have three bikes. Well to be correct a BSO and two bikes. A lovely light road bike (LeMond zurich 2006 part steel part carbon frame, wheels with not many spokes, goes like the clappers), which I have been riding to work on dry days (I would say summer but a) that's a joke and b)I'm a teacher so I didn't cycle to work in August at all). I have also just treated myself to a Specialised MTB with knobblies and disc brakes etc etc. My commute is 11.8 miles, up some hills. Would I be better to put the road bike to bed for the winter and trudge in on the MTB or not? The BSO is not an opyion - I've just realised how very cr*p it is now I have a decent one!
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    It's funny, but I keep seeing women on LeMonds - do they do well-regarded female-specific models? I've seen them in Piccadilly and Putney recently.
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    mine actually belonged to a bloke with a very similar shape to me - short legs, long body, and I have broad shoulders too (I'm making myslef sound very fetching, I'm sure!). I tried a women's one (specialised I think) but it was a bit on the small side overall for me. The LeMond suits me very well. Well, it has for the first 400 miles anyway. And it's yellow and blue and overall a bit on the camp side for a bloke......
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