allez double crash advise please

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Hi All

my name is derek i am a newbe to this site

I have had a bit of a crash on my allez 2008 some one pulled out of a layby in front of me i was doing about 25mph downhill i swerved missed him but cam off and busted mysellf and the bike

woke up in the ambalnce on the way to hospital not good!
any way i need to fix my bike it needs new forks and handelbars and 2 spokes so not 2 bad

I was looking at the ITM 4ever carbon forks and ITM millenium Bars any one had any dealings with these?

I got some quotes for the original forks and they come in at about £100 the ITM ones are £69

Also what tyres do you recomend for dry road use? i do about 10 miles a day

Sorry for all the rambelings

Many thanks

Ps I recon the allez is a great bike for around £500 i have only changed the peddles for some clipless ones and some nice ridgid shoes


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    Glad your okay, I hope the car stopped and your claiming on their insurance. They might not have hit you but it sounds like they were the cause. It might be worthwhile getting your bike checked over by a shop to make sure there isn't any damage you haven't spotted.

    Anyway, ITM is decent gear, had a stem and bars on a previous bike and no complaints. Cycling plus had a review of road bars in their last issue. I can;t find my copy but there was some highly rated bars for about £20 I recall.

    I've always run Continental Ultra Gatorskins, as much out of habit as anything else but never had any problems with them and seem a decent all round tyre. Although Michelin Pro Race 3 sound like they might be the best at the moment.
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  • Hi Thanks for the quick response

    The car dident stop so i will be footing the bill for this

    I got 2 good witneses but neither got the reg number i do hope i see the car again!

    Looks like itm is the way to go
    Any gains to be had with carbon bars? or is a good set of light aloy ones as good?

    Sorry for all the questions

    Many thanks
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    carbon bars cost a lot more money for a little less weight. If you feel like shedding a few grams and you have the cash go for it, but there's not a big benefit for the extra expenditure.

    I'm glad you're ok, that crash sounds horrendous, I hope the assholes who caused it are suffering in some way.
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  • Thanks Mate

    Yes i hope to find the driver and make him suffer some how :D

    Thanks again for the good advice i will go with some itm aloy ones

    Many thanks
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    stagcar wrote:
    Hi Thanks for the quick response

    The car dident stop so i will be footing the bill for this

    I got 2 good witneses but neither got the reg number i do hope i see the car again!

    Derek, the Motor Insurers Bureau compensates victims of untraced or uninsured cars, you can claim online. I was paid £4000 a few years back.
  • I have to say that ITM 330 oversize bars are a apile of crap. I've owned 3 bars which all suffered from the same fate: crushed by various stems.

    By the way, 'woke up' is not the same as 'regained consciousness'... :shock: I do hope you're okay mate!

    :idea: If the crash was bad enough to damage the fork, I'd inspect the frame itself very carefully for damage, especially all around the headtube & the junction with the down tube.
  • Hi All,

    Many thanks for all the good responses i am feeling a lot better now.

    I have taken the bike in to a bike shop for a full check over before i order any new bits for it

    Also i will try the insurance rout its got to be worth a try

    Many thanks again for every ones help and advice