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Advi ce on buying a new frame

OwenBOwenB Posts: 606
edited September 2008 in MTB buying advice
I'm looking at my options on bikes lately as when I bought my Avalanche 1 I got a large when really I should have gotten a medium, and was wondering whether I would be wise in buying a new frame and swapping over the components to a frame more my size.

I was contemplating an Avalanche Expert frame on CRC for £199, or a Zaskar 2007 for £229, would these frames be any better than the standard avalanche?
Other than that would there be any other frames you would recommend that use similar sized parts and would improve my ride?

I've already stuck some Rebas on my avalanche but other than that it's standard, and am only going to upgrade when things break or malfunction from now.


  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    Yes, are better frames. Zaskar is more XC oriented though.

    If going for a new frame, carefully check the measurements against your old one ie standover height, top tube length etc to make sure don't make the same mistake.
  • OwenBOwenB Posts: 606
    It's the standover height that I struggle with, I tried an Agressor in Halfords as I've not got a proper GT dealer nearby and though I could manage it in the shop on the trails it's not so much fun when I have to put my feet down and remove my bits and bobs.

    I'm not after something that'll be a race machine, just something that'll deal with the typical lakeland paths and trails along with my 18 stone bulk!

    I'll take the measurements properly before I buy though. Would all the parts i.e. bottom bracket, seatpost and headset fit the Zaskar if I went for that? As at the moment I am leaning towards that, I know they're a well thought of bike.
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    Possibly. May need a new seatpost - but again, info should be available on exact sizes for comparisons.

    I would say the expert would suit 18stone better!
  • OwenBOwenB Posts: 606
    Cheers, I'll check out the sizes and make some kind of purchase soon, can't get out on the bike so much at the moment, so this could be a good project and way of learning a few mechanic skills in the process.

    Thanks for the advice.
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