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Sunday Bikes. Any opinions?

wilwilwilwil Posts: 374
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I saw a Sunday Silk Road locally and really liked the look of it. Has anybody got/tried one?


  • I got a silk road from fatbirds so quite cheap, I have to admit I went for the looks and was well happy when I found out the stickers come off v.easily, looks even nicer!

    The ride is neutral ,v.neutral. Not as repsonsive as alu, not as springy as steel and probable nothing like what ever carbon is like. But it doesn't flex, doesn't rust and can take a lot of abuse.

    Go higher up their range if you want a superbike, but I'm "satisfied" with mine for my Sunday jaunts repenting my weekly sins.
  • Okay dont have one . I recollect seeing yesterday on the next somewhere( cant for the life of me find it no ) that Sunday were selling off their sponsored race team bikes . Top spec ( Dura Ace ) and Reybolds carbon wheels for around $2K . Give em a call .

    Aplogies agaian bit I cant find the link
  • Apologies for the spelling in the previous post . Here is the link
  • giant_mangiant_man Posts: 6,878
    Greg Roche of Sunday does loiter on this forum so you may well be hearing from him soon I expect. Very helpful chap he is too, btw.
  • DoobzDoobz Posts: 2,800
    if you are about to buy a sunday bike or even have some spare cash you should seriously look at this deal - They are selling off all last years team bikes with full warranties - check it out for yourself..
  • I have been looking for a replacement for my Felt Z35 after it was written off in an accident; the site and sound of collapsing carbon fibre made me look back to a titanium frame.

    Saw the Silk Road and an Enigma (sorry can't recall which one) - there was no contest for me the Silk Road felt and looked great, while the Enigma felt too stiff and made for jarring ride.

    With the Silk Road you get the feel of a good rigid frame for power transfer but with a comfortable ride.

    The build is Ultegra SL compact with reynolds Ouzo forks and Reynolds Soitude wheels, FSA bars and stem it makes for a great bike that is light, fast and great fun to ride.

    The complete bike was £1700 - but I think they may have just gone up.

    It climbs well and the descents are reassuring and quick. Furthest ride on it so far is 60 miles 'cause that was all I had time for, I felt fine no aches and pains a tribute to the frame design and build.

    if you can find one try it! I love mine.
  • Can't comment on the Silk Road, but I can comment on Sunday Bicycles as a supplier - I need mudguards for my commute, so I bought a September.

    At 53, and having already bought 3 bikes since I started cycling 3½ years ago I really wanted to buy a bike that fit me properly and was specified well enough to last me for many years.

    I got EXCELLENT advice and service from Greg Roche at Sunday - he took a lot of care to ensure I got the right size frame/stem/saddle height, and came up with a spec that was beyond what I had been thinking about - Ultegra SL (I wanted a triple), carbon seatpost and full carbon fork, handbuilt wheels with Dura Ace hubs and Mavic Open Pro Ceramic rims.

    The bike is SO good that I have started going home from work the scenic hilly 13 mile route rather than the quick 6 mile blast down the A12. Also for the first time in 3½ years I haven't been suffering from numb fingers (that could happen within about 4 miles on my last bike). Not sure how much is due to the titanium frame or the full carbon form (the last bike was a carbon fork/alloy steerer)

    Whatever about the merits of the Silk Road one thing is certain - you will get excellent customer service from Sunday.

    Enjoy!! :D:D:D
  • normanpnormanp Posts: 279
    I have a SIlk Road - a lovely ride. It's great not having to worry about knocking it on bits of car etc (I was always paranoid about my Condor Squadra). With the Condor I always needed to use Assos shorts to protect myself from the harsh feel - now any shorts will do. It is slightly less stiff than the Condor - not an issue with a sportive rider as I never need to jump away from a bunch etc. I get less fatigued and sore so feel much better in the later sections of longer rides (> 130k say). Customer service is very good.
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