I Couldn't Believe It...

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So get this...

Pootling up the King's Road the other day, keeping up with traffic (which was crawling at around 15mph). Because I'm easily keeping up with the flow I'm in the centre of the lane to avoid being boxed in, etc. The cab in front comes to a halt and I'm slowing to a halt too, when the car behind me swerves around me, and slams on his brakes, causing me to take avoiding action.

I don't look round, but put a hand up in an exasperated kind of way (not rudely) and reposition myself in front of the car, right behind the stopped cab in front. The traffic slowly starts going forward again. The car behind is now attempting to intimidate me for some reason. The traffic stops again and this time he undertakes me and starts shouting about how cyclists should be "over there" he says, pointing towards the gutter. I tell him not to be ridiculous and carry on.

The mind-blowing thing about this example of reckless driving and attempting to intimidate other road users is the fact that it was a COPPER. I'm still so annoyed I didn't get his badge number or even registration to lodge an official complaint :evil: