Is the speaclized rockhopper (09) good?

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just wondering
Its going alright i said as i forced a 6inch rut with my face


  • Although I haven't ridden the 09 yet the Rockhopper has been a very good bike for many a year.

    The reports I've read so far reckon this year's model is just as good as those that proceeded it.
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    What will you be using the bike for? Off roading, commuting? Have you looked at any others?
  • yes loads, ive gone through most copanys and the mags. say it is a good bike for its money but of cource most are now almost every bike on the market is "good for its money" and its starting to get anoying because they say it evern when its not.
    Its going alright i said as i forced a 6inch rut with my face
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    The Rockhoppers are better than the Hardrocks - superior frame and forks, and I think better value. Good bike for trails and xc.

    Thing is many bikes are good parts value, and work well. But what works and fits you might vary so I'd go and try some out if you can, see how they feel. Shortlist a few good value machines with the spec parts you want, and buy what feels best.