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Hi there

Im new to riding really and have been doing it for the last 3 months to work on a bike that was given to me by a mate.

Im really looking for some advise on upgrades really Im a bit strapped for cash at the moment so a new bike is out of the question but dont mind throwing a few quid at it to make it better.

Here is the specs

Team Saracen Nzyme year 2000
26" wheel fram large
22 speed
Grip shift changers
and sram 3.0 set up with v brakes
Forks are Suntour 6100 shocks

I have made a few changes brought some continental slicks 1.3 which has made it quicker i changed the handlebars to straight bars (Race face) and put some amoeba stumpy bar end on it to give it that commuter look and feel

Will put some pics up tommorow to give you a better idea

I would be gratefull for any advise
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  • Greg T
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    Buy some new wheels. It will transform the bike.

    Anything by Mavic that you can afford.
    Fixed gear for wet weather / hairy roadie for posing in the sun.

    What would Thora Hurd do?
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    Trying to figure out how 22 speed works - you don't appear to have a brand new Campag gruppo!
  • sorry typing error LOL would be worth more than the bloody bike

    its standard MTB gearing , I had a brain wave this morning to just change the forks to ridge to try and make the ride a bit better must admit does take the bumps out of the road.

    I had a look on ebay last night as was advised to change the wheels to make the ride better I saw some of a new specialised 26 MTB and they were reasonable priced
    at £60.00 for the pair and had quick release and cassette on the rear.

    I seriously contemplating making it into a ridged ride i rode a friends and there seemed to be more control

    Let me know what you think
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  • Greg T
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    What tyres are you running?

    I might be pushing the wheel thing here but if you are on fat nobbly MTB tyres on wobbly knackered old wheels the bike will feel rubbish.

    New wheels and skinnier / smoother tyres (presume you ride on roads) will make a big difference.....

    Wheels and Tyres all the way.
    Fixed gear for wet weather / hairy roadie for posing in the sun.

    What would Thora Hurd do?
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    I would also suggest , as you mentioned, stiffening (stop sniggering GT) the suspension. The harder it is the less kinetic energy you lose in bouncing around.

    Make sure your forks don't have adjustable tension (a lot do) before buying new forks as it'll be a lot cheaper quicker to adjust the ones you've got.

    Pump the tyres to their max pressure for less rolling resistance and check them every week. You'd be amazed how quickly they go down and people bimble around on 40 psi when they should be on makes a huge difference.

    The biggest difference after wheels is the weight, so principally the frame, but also what additional kit you carry or have fixed to the bike?

    Are you wearing baggy clothes that catch the wind? Keep them tight, even if you don't want to ride in lycra. If there is an Aldi near you they have a super cheap sale on tomorrow of bike kit.

    Also, on the maintenance side, keep your chain and gears clean and free of dirt. try and do thsi every week and apply fresh oil. People that squeak along on dirty rusty kit have no idea how much energy they're wasting.
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  • I have brought some Kona cycle wear so downhill shorts etc

    The tyres im using are Continental Sports 1.3 which have made the bike a bit quicker the bike itself is quite light it mught be worth tightening the forks up to make it firmer.

    I will start to clean the chain and cassette more often I think the gears could do with a tune as on occasions the gear change isnt instant and there a bit of a delay.

    I though about changing the wheels as per previous recommendation as he said it would increase the ride.

    Im gonna use this until I can save enough doe together to upgrade to something a lot better
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